20. 9. 2019

Vu Garde, Echolot, Coma System

Music-House, Gradec, Avstrija
Organizator: Noize Rites

VU GARDE (Klagenfurt, AT)
Follow us on the journey from the deepest deserts to the sacred sites of voodoo priests and witches, dark woods and places for fairy creatures. The human experience from the psychedelic site of the mind through pleasure, pain, darkness, light, hope, fear, sex, sticky situations and the lightly dancing flower kind of being.Call it stoner, sludge, doom, psych, blues or heavy rock. We prefer to call it simply "Musketeer Doom", full of desert dust and bewitched prophecy. A dramatic voice, an earthquaking tune and the bittersweet aftertaste of a heroic beat. Love, passion, fire. These are the weapons they use to fight. Vu Garde! Ready for the stab?

Deliver an ocean of sound that makes you look for land no longer. Their psychedelic eruptions drive you from the depths of doom into cosmic lightness.

Basically it's about rock, basically it's about songs. On closer inspection, the rock genre cocktail is strongly shaken here - post-whatever, noise, stoner, etc - while song structures are stirred. It's loud, it's rough, it's wild, it's rock'n'roll!

18. 9. 2019
KŠ X: The Curse of Valburga (ljubljanska premiera)
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
19. 9. 2019
Dvorana Gustaf, Pekarna, Maribor
20. 9. 2019
Year Of The Cobra, Blackoutt, Borgonaut
CMK, Koper
20. 9. 2019
11. MetalWitch
ČinČin Tobačna, Ljubljana
20. 9. 2019
Virtue Of The Vicious, Path of Cestoda, Phezulu
Kontejnr, Postojna
20. 9. 2019
Weg Einer Freiheit, Downfall Of Gaia
TrainStation SubArt, Kranj