26. 4. 2021

ODPOVEDANO! Wolfheart, Mors Principium Est, BRHG, Atlas

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Organizator: Dirty Skunks

Vstopnice 22 evrov v predprodaji! 25 evrov na dan koncerta! Predprodaja zaenkrat prek On-Parole in v trgovini Big Nose.

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Winter metal is coming!

The Wolves of Karelia across Europe Tour 2021with WOLFHEART & special guest MORS PRINCIPIUM EST plus supports BLOODRED HOURGLASS & ATLAS In spring 2021

Europe and the UK will be facing an invasion of a Finnish four-packs heavy metal horde no real deal metalhead can escape from.Finnish heavy melodic death metal unit WOLFHEART are back with their most commanding offering yet. The four-piece Nordic machine returned with their highly anticipated new full-length masterpiece ‘Wolves Of Karelia’ (2020, Napalm Records), which crushed the charts in six countries across the globe and received dozens of top ten reviews! Just as wildlife itself maintains harmony with a violent clash of beauty and unpredictability, WOLFHEART explores the band’s previously coined genre of winter metal. ‘Wolves of Karelia’could easily go down in metal history as WOLFHEART’s most intense record, so European and UK WOLFHEART fans, now’s your chance to see the beast in the flesh! Tuomas Saukkonen, the leader of the pack of WOLFHEART definitely is thrilled: "Finally we get to announce our first headline tour. It is a grand milestone on every bands career and we are honored to be able to share this with Mors Principium Est, Bloodred Hourglass and Atlas. Truly a mighty Finnish line up. 2020 really hit everybody below the belt but 2021 is ours and we are already counting days to meet our fans again and be able to unleash the fiercest storm on stage. This year the winds are getting stronger for the gale to come!!"Accompanying the machine as special guest will be Finnish melodic death metalveterans MORS PRINCIPIUM EST! Having been formed back in 1999 and having toured almost every corner of the world during the years, Mors Principium Est are undeniably one of the leading names in the melodic death metal scene.Currently the bandhas been working on their seventh full-length album ‘Seven’, which will be released in Japan on October 21st via Marquee/Avalon and world-wide on October 23rd, 2020 via AFM Records. For Mors Principium Est this means yet another beginning on the road, so without any doubt anend is nowhere near to be seen, which is certainly more thanpleasant news for all the melodeath lovers around the world. "I am really happy to announce that MPE will join Wolfheart on their European tour in 2021! It has been too long since MPE last toured Europe and now we will get to do it with our friends inWolfheart. A great way to return to European venues. Going to be an awesome tour!"front-man Ville Viljanenstates.Rounding off the billing of the tour will be two more aspiring Finnish modern metal combos, namely BLOODRED HOURGLASSand ATLAS.Melody, aggression, energy and harsh growls doubled by cleaner vocals make thevictorious signature soundof BLOODRED HOURGLASS.ATLAS,a 5-piece modern metal band from Tampere, Finlandlabels themselves as Northcoreand will be bringing their modern mix of heavy hitting riffs paired with immersive soundscapes that draw inspiration from the gloom of the northto the package.
7. 5. 2021
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