15. 6. 2018

Coven, Sons Of Morpheus, Dune Pilot

Backstage, München, Nemčija

Rodeostar in assocation with United Talent Agency presents: 

COVEN + Sons Of Morpheus + Dune Pilot  

Coven, the founders of occult rock are coming to Germany with the legendary and mysterious ultimate Priestess Jinx Dawson in charge...  The band that since the end of the 1960's has inspired generations of bands, come for an exclusive occult gathering... these will be the bands first shows in Germany EVER! 

25. 3. 2019
Rapture, Violent Definition
Dvorana Gustaf, Pekarna, Maribor
26. 3. 2019
Rotten Sound, Implore
Klub Močvara, Zagreb, Hrvaška
27. 3. 2019
Crypt Trip
Channel Zero, Metelkova, Ljubljana
27. 3. 2019
Septicflesh, Krisiun, Diabolical, Xaon
Orto Bar, Ljubljana
28. 3. 2019
Incantation, Defeated Sanity, Skinned
Viper Room, Dunaj, Avstrija
29. 3. 2019
Higher On Maiden
Orto Bar, Ljubljana